Universal Access Tool

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Code : UAT3-000
Categories Mid-span Access Tools
Model : UAT3-000
Brands Corning
Manufacturers Corning
Shipping Weight 6.00 LB
  • Midspan access tool
  • Single-tube cable outside diameter (O.D) of 5mm to 24mm
  • Unique drive mechanism easily pulls tool along the tube as the t-handle is turned.
  • Two blades on opposite sides of the tool score the tube
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Knowledgebase: Simplifies a mid-span access on an Corning Cable Systems single-tube fiber optic cable product, such as SST cable, as well as ribbon cable. Unlike other access tools requiring strength and awkward handling, this tool allows controlled movement. Its unique drive mechanism easily pulls the tool along the tube as the T-handle is turned. As the tool passes down a length of tube, two blades on opposite sides of the tool score the outside of the tube. These precise cuts on the outside of the tube may then be split to expose the bundled or ribbon fibers inside. Provides and easy and reliable method to access fibers. The concern of accessing dark fibers among "hot fibers" for adding a customer drop is no longer an ordeal. Compatible with single-tube products having outside diameters of 4.5 mm to 22.0 mm.
Downloads:Corning Fiber Access Tools