T3 Inn. TT550-A Tri-Tester PRO *DIS*

With Voice, Data and Video all being combined and mixed in most installations, it is good to find one solution for testing the complex wire environment that exists in today’sinformation and entertainment systems. The Tri Tester PRO TT550-A is the all-in-one tool for finding cable faults in Data, Telephone, and Coax cables. The large LCD shows multiple fault situations and gives a Pass or Fail indication where necessary. A built in tone generator is useful for tracing faults and finding the termination ends of installed cable of all types. Using the built-in remote and wiremapper sets, one user can identify up to 19 remote cable end locations. Rugged and built for years of use, the Tri-Tester PRO is the perfect solution for accurate and easy field testing results.

 Tri Tester PRO Data Sheet PDF [2027KB]