NOYES MT Tracer Kit provides quick MPO cable verification.

The MT Tracer is a compact multi-fiber visual fault identifier (red laser source) supporting 8 or 12 fiber MTP (R) / MPO connections. The user simply connects the 12-fiber cable directly to the unit and views the results.

Fibers can be tested individually or all at once. By progressing sequentially through the fibers, cables can be quickly checked for polarity by verifying the proper order at the output. Additionally, damaged fiber(s) are quickly identified with the MT Tracer saving trouble-shooting time when cables are put into service.

Use the MT Tracer source to trace cables in messy or un-documented setups. This provides a quick means of finding the “other end” from amongst cluttered cables. Simply connect the MT Tracer Source to one end and look for the visual red light transmitted out the opposite connector.

NOYES MT Tracer Kit from AFL is a complete MTP / MPO cable polarity and continuity test solution.