Ericsson FSU 995PM (Refurbished)

The FSU 995 series has all the unique features needed to satisfy demanding requirements of specialized fiber splicing, such as PM splicing, Erbium splicing and thin core fiber splicing.

The FSU 995 series consists of three different splicers, each with its own unique features. The FSU 995 FA for standard factory applications, the FSU 995 PM for splicing of Polarization Maintaining fibers, and the FSU 995 HS for high strength splicing.

The FSU 995 series comes with a host of new features, such as thin core alignment, negative index matching, negative altitude compensation and automatic arc recentering. To enable fast and efficient splicing results or service, the new Ericsson splicers are fully equipped with software for uploading and downloading data to work stations.

*** NOTE: The FSU 995PM as shown is sold as a splicer only. The unit does not include heat shrink oven, fiber holders, cleaver, stripper, etc. Basic power accessories and user's manual are included.

 FSU 995PM Specs [232 kb]