PRO Cleaning Kit w/Microscope

PRO-CK-CLEAN-02 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit with Quick Clicks™ and Handheld Inspection Scope


Over 70% of network errors are caused by contaminated connectors. The contamination can be from dirt and debris on the end-face of the connector, or it can also be from scratches and defects during manufacturing and/or installation. Cleaning the connector is essential in either eliminating and/or reducing some of the known contamination that will affect and impair the network transmission. PRO's CK-CLEAN-01 enables the technicians to prepare the fiber cable - from stripping and cleaning through connection and test.

*In order for properly cleaning and inspection to be performed, a handheld microscope or video inspection scope should be used.

PRO PRO-CK-CLEAN-02 Specifications

Item Qty
Tool-Bag for Large PRO Took Kits 1
PRO Cleaning Stick Wrapped 2.5mm 50
PRO Cleaning Stick Wrapped 1.25mm 50
PRO-LFW-100 Lint-free Wipe (100 PK) 2
Cotton Swab 6" General (SM) (100 PK) 1
Swabs Mini Foam 2.5mm 50 Pack 1
PRO-CT-001 Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette 1
PRO-CT-004 Replacement Cassette Reel 1
PRO-CC-AQ Water-Based Connector Cleaner - Pump Spray 2
Electro-Wash Wipe (MX) - 1 Packet 10
Optic Prep Presaturated Pads - 1 Packet 10
American Polywater Squeeky Kleen Wipes 10
PRO CS-125 Quick Click 1.25mm (LC) 1
PRO CS-125 Quick Click 2.5mm (SC) 1
PRO HM-C400S Handheld Fiber Inspection Scope 400x 1