OptiFiber MM OTDR + PM Module

This OptiFiber MM OTDR + PM Module measures the insertion loss of MM fiber link using a seperate far-end 850/1300nm source.
No need to reinvent the wheel every time the test and certification requirements of your industry and customer change. OptiFiber’s modular design can be customized to your current needs – and cost-effectively expanded as your needs change and new modules are released to keep you on top of the industry. OptiFiber is always the best investment you can make. Choose from a family of OptiFiber packages – or create your own.

 Certifying OTDR - New Singlemode Testing Capability
 OptiFiber™ Certifying OTDR packages

Certify it. Diagnose it. Document it. With the first certifying OTDR designed for network owners and installers.

The use of fiber in premise networks is continually growing - and so are the requirements for testing and certifying it. To ensure the performance of these mission-critical LANs, network owners are demanding more information that gives them a complete picture of the fiber plant. And no solution provides a more complete picture than the OptiFiber Certifying OTDR.

OptiFiber is the first tool specifically designed to keep network owners and installers on top of the latest requirements for testing and certifying fiber networks. OptiFiber integrates insertion loss and fiber length measurement, OTDR analysis and fiber connector endface imaging to provide a higher tier of fiber certification and diagnostics. The companion LinkWareä PC software documents, reports and manages all test data. OptiFiber enables network owners of all experience levels to certify fiber to industry and customer specifications, troubleshoot short-haul connection-rich links and thoroughly document their results.

At a Glance
- Troubleshoot and certify fiber with Auto OTDR analysis.
- Document fiber with LinkWare management and reporting software.
- Enhance visibility with event deadzones as short as 1 meter.
- Boost productivity with an easy-to-use design.
- Modular design supports multimode and singlemode testing.
- New Smart Remote options for loss/length certification