OFT-1000 Smart OTDR (1310/1550)

The PRO OFT-1000 Smart OTDR is a new generation of portable and intelligent measuring instruments. It features a 3.5-inch color LCD screen. The internal integration can help customers effectively troubleshoot problems in the field when testing or performing maintenance. The PRO OFT-1000 OTDR measures the length, loss, and connection quality of all kinds of optical fiber cables. It can also be used in engineering construction, line maintenance & testing, emergency repair, and the development and production of optical fiber cables.

  • Lightweight, portable and cost-effective
  • One key operation with test data results
  • Integrated with VFL, optical power meter, laser source, and RJ45 cable length test function
  • Dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof
  • High-capacity battery for extended operation time
  • Installation and maintenance fault location of FTTX and access network


Display: 3.5-inch, Color Non-Touch LCD
Power Supply: Lithium battery: 3.7V, 4000mAh; Adapter 5V DC, 2A
Battery Duration Standby: >20h; Measuring Time >12h
Data Storage: Internal =600; External: TF Card (not included)
Operating Condition: 0~95% relative humidity, 14~122°F (-10~50°C)
Storage Condition: 0~95% relative humidity, -40~158°F (-40~70°C)
Size/Weight (WxDxH): 6.81 x 3.23 x 1.46in / 12.35oz (173 x 82 x 37mm / 350g)


Wavelength: 1310/1550 ± 20nm (SM)
Dynamic Range: 24dB/22dB
Optical Connector: FC/SC
Event Dead Zone: 3m
Attenuation Dead Zone: 8m
Measuring Range: 500m~60km
Pulse Width: 3ns~10us
Accuracy Distance (Reflection Event): ± (1m + Sampling Interval + 0.005% x Test Distance)
Loss Accuracy: ± 0.05dB/dB
Sampling Points: 16K~128K
Sampling Resolution: 0.05m~8m
Reflection Accuracy: ± 3dB
Adapter: FC/SC


Measurement Range: -50~+26dBm
Wavelength Range: 800nm~1700nm
Calibrated Wavelength: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
Detector: InGaAs
Uncertainty: < ±5%
Frequency Identification: CW/270Hz/300Hz/1KHz/2KHz
Adapter: FC/SC


Wavelength: 1310/1550nm
Fiber Type: SM
Emitter: FP-LD
Adapter: FC/SC
Output Power: = -5dBm
Output Stability: CW, ±0.5dB/15min(test after 15 minutes of preheating)
Modulation Frequency: CW/270Hz/330Hz/1KHz/2KHz


Wavelength: 650nm ± 20nm
VFL Output Power: = 10mW
Mode: CW/1Hz/2Hz
Fiber Type: SM/MM
Adapter: 2.5mm Universal


Cable Receiver: Will be supplied with accessories
Test Range: 300m

Ordering Information:
OFT-1000 |  OFT-1000 Smart OTDR (1310/1550) SM

OFT-1000 Smart OTDR Standard Package Includes:
Smart OTDR, FC Adapter, SC Adapter, Universal Adapter, RJ-45 Toner, Charging Cable, Soft Carry Pouch

OFT-1000 Product Spec Sheet