Optical Switch Module straight connector

N3940AA 1x12 Optical Switch Module
The Agilent Technologies modular network tester was designed and developed according to the requirements we learned from our existing customers and other prospective owners and users. It combines answers for the needs of the field (battery life, brilliant display, lightness and ruggedness) with highest technology advances (speed, connectability, and best in class Agilent measurement accuracy and reliability). This is not our product, this is your solution. If you have an optical network to look after, this is the tool you were looking for.

  • Rugged lightwight and ergonomic design.
  • Large, brilliant 10.4" color display, with touch screen functionality and cursor control.
  • USB & LAN ports for connectivity to your PC
  • Hot plug modules
  • Secure and rugged data storage
  • One day battery operating time

    Test solutions / snap on modules
  • N2910AM, N3910AL, N3911A2, N3914AL, OTDR test modules
  • N3916AL Chromatic Dispersion Analyser
  • N3909A Polarization MODR Dispersion Analyser
  • N3935A Optical Spectrum Analyser
  • N3988A USB Video Fiber Microscope
  • N3940AA 1x12 Optical Switch Module