OTDR Module 1310/1550 45/43dB U Perform

The Agilent OTDR Modules N391x work together with the Agilent Modular Network Tester, and are easy to snap on. The OTDR application is uploaded in seconds due to the dynamic software architecture, and allows plug and play operation. Each OTDR test engine has built-in RISC processing power for fast and accurate trace acquisition and data processing. These test engines work in parallel processing mode with other connected test engines, for example, the 1x12 Switch module. All OTDR modules can be shared between multiple users, without the need for any software changes.

  • Save time. Make money. With the N3910AL (1310/1550nm), and N3911AL (1550/1625nm) OTDR test engines, long haul fiber links can be tested and qualified faster than ever before, thanks to their 45dB ultra high dynamic range technology. For high fiber count cables, where the test time is critical, these OTDR Test engines significantly reduce test times from minutes to seconds.
  • One connection, 3 wavelengths: Tested all at once. For metro applications, where the transmission wavelength spectrum ranges from 1310nm to 1625nm, Agilent offers a very high performance 3 wavelength module N3914AL (1310/1550/1625nm), which tests all 3 wavelengths simultaneously and automatically saves the trace files.
  • All Done. All Right. After the measurements have been taken the Pass/Fail Test will automatically check for attenuation and insertion and return loss. The new Bending Test will locate both macro and micro bends.
  • Easy Connector access and protection. The pop-up connector solves many common problems. For easy access to the optical fiber connection, the pop-up connector is released to the up position, where a fiber can be attached without any obstacles, or the connector cleaned. This also minimizes the risk of scratches to the connector. In the down position with the dust cover closed, the connector stays protected and clean during transit.
  • Attach the right connector. Agilent's universal connector interface allows a large range of standard fiber optic connectors, such as FC/PC, SC, and LC, to be connected to the OTDR port. The connector interfaces are easy to attach, even when working on site, and once removed, the fiber ferrule is easily accessible for cleaning.
  • Acceptance Test Done. The companion software, Toolkit III, prepares acceptance reports the way your customers want them, and handles post-processing jobs to free you up for the next task