Extraction Tool - Lemo Connectors - DCS-F2-035-PN

LEMO DCS.F2.035.PN Extraction Tool


Simple tool with two threaded ends for installation/extraction of the F2 contact alignment device. For use with WST.KI.125.34 cleaning kit.

Pre-terminated F2 fiber optic contacts - offering a quick and easy field solution

The pre-terminated contact provides the user with a contact that can be terminated without the use of epoxy, or polishing. The F2 pre-terminated fibre optic contact is designed as a repair solution. It is intended for use in situations where it is critical that a cable be repaired quickly. The pre-terminated contacts enable simple and rapid on-site-terminations for SMPTE-311M cables. The design eliminates the need of polishing fibre-optic elements as well as preparing and using special epoxies for the fibre assembly. The F2 pre-terminated contact is entirely compatible with, and is designed for use with, the LEMO 3K.93C Series. It also fits into any connector where the standard LEMO F2 contact is used.

The F2 pre-terminated contact is designed for fitting into single 0K series, multifibre connectors or mixed optical /electrical connectors from 2B to 5B, 2K to 5K Series. Its main features are:


  • Easy and fast assembly
  • No need for costly and bulky equipment
  • No polishing
  • No epoxy
  • Simple cleaning process
  • Easy identification with black PEEK


F2 Fiber Optic Contact Data Sheet

LEMO Cleaning Instructions