Lemo Fiber HDTV Connector Straight Cable Plug

Note: Non-Cancelable / Non-Returnable

Lemo FUW.3K.93C.TLMC96 SMPTE Fiber HDTV Connector Straight Cable Plug-by-Lemo


LEMO's 3K.93C SMPTE Fiber HDTV connectors are the standard in national and international broadcast companies. Fast transition to HDTV Transmission is easier than ever with LEMO. The wide range of shell styles and termination procedures, for even non-fiber experts, makes it possible for everyone to be successful in HDTV. The LEMO 3K.93C connector uses two single-mode fibre contacts, two high voltage contacts, and two signal contacts. The fibre optic contact can will last many years. Simple maintenance The optical contacts are accessible for fast cleaning; an optional simple, lightweight and portable fibre inspection unit helps the user view the condition of the fibre optic contact to ensure reliable operation.


  • Mates with PUW3K93CTLCC96 Cable Jack or EDW3K93CTLC Square Flange Chassis Jack
  • Quick disconnect Push-Pull self latching system
  • Over 11 shells to meet variousapplication needs
  • Stainless steel shell for rugged and harsh environment
  • Optional pre-terminated F2 contacts for simple and rapid field assembly
  • UL certified connectors
  • ARIB (BTA S-1005B), ANSI/SMPTE (304 M-1998 and 311M-1998) and EBU (R100-1999) compatible