FTB-1-V2 Modular Mainframe



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FTB-1-V2 Modular Mainframe


The FTB-1 version 2, available in a standard (FTB-1 V2) or Pro (FTB-1 Pro) model, is a portable system designed for fast and powerful optical, Ethernet, time-division multiplexing (TDM) and multiservice applications.

  • Designed For The Folllowing Applications
  • Fiber characterization
  • FTTH testing
  • Access fiber networks
  • Multiservice testing up to 10 Gbit/s*
  • Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet configurations*
  • Wireless fronthaul and backhaul testing*
  • RF spectrum analysis over CPRI*
    * Applicable to the FTB-1 Pro version only.

Thanks to its small format, ultra-powerful processing and highly intuitive interface, the FTB-1 V2 is optimized to allow field technicians to carry out dedicated optical, Ethernet and multiservice test applications simply and efficiently FTB Anywhere: Floating Test Licenses FTB Anywhere™ is a shared test-license capability for the award-winning FTB Ecosystem. This unique approach to delivering advanced test applications enables network operators to purchase a specific number of cloud-hosted licenses that can be shared instantly with their technicians, wherever they happen to be. 

Multitasking where others can’t.

Thanks to a Windows-based OS and strong processing power, you can run all your applications simultaneously on the FTB platforms—in real time. You can toggle between them and avoid wasting precious time reloading applications.

Run Apps Simultaneously

  • EXFO ToolBox
  • Web Browser
  • Remote Connection Service
  • Optical Test Application
  • Ethernet/Transport Test Application
  • EXpert Tools
  • PDF Reader

The iOLM is an OTDR-based application that delivers detailed information on every element on the link, in asingle-button operation.

Your people are connected

VPN. Secure communications.

Use VPN capabilities on the platform to provide a secure connection when you need it. Secured communications is now within your reach.

Instant messaging.

Since our platforms are Windows-based, you can easily install and use messaging tools to quickly communicate with your team.

Remote control.

Use remote assistance to troubleshoot units in the field, trigger tests remotely or help a technician with a problem. Working without it is hard to imagine.

 EXFO FTB-1-V2 /PRO Data Sheet PDF 880KB]