EXFO CWDM Analyzer

CWDM Analyzer for 16 CWDM wavelengths (1270nm, 1290nm, 1310nm, 1330nm, 1350nm, 1410nm, 1430nm, 1450nm, 1470nm, 1490nm, 1510nm, 1530nm, 1550nm, 1570nm, 1590nm, 1610nm).

[Includes]: - AC adapter/charger - Field carrying case (GP-10-085) - Certificate of Compliance - Certificate of Calibration - Shoulder strap - Fixed Connector XX (see note) Notes: 1) XX = Please specify connector type upon ordering. 89 (FC/UPC) 58 (FC/APC) 91 (SC/PC) 88 (SC/APC)