Fusion Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit

The PRO-TK-VGROOVE PRO V-Groove Cleaning Kit contains everything a technician needs to quickly clean fusion splicers and electrodes. We recommend this kit with every fusion splicer in order to prolong its life and reduce down time due to repairs. Using the electrode sharpener/cleaning pad reduces build up, which can shorten the life of the electrodes.

Kit Includes:
1 Go-Kit Black Canvas Bag
1 PRO-LFW-100 Lint-free Wipe (100ct.)
1 PRO-CC-QC Connector Cleaner- Pump-Spray
1 V-Groove Cleaning Swabs (50/tube)
1 V-Groove Brush
1 2.5mm Mini Foam Swabs (50 PK)
1 Electrode Sharpener/Cleaning Disc

 PRO Tool Kits Data Sheet PDF 820KB]