Fiber Guardian - OTDR remote test unit - FG-750EX-AMET-88-SC08-XG1-HC-RK19-2U-SA


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Fiber Guardian - OTDR remote test unit - FG-750EX-AMET-88-SC08-XG1-HC-RK19-2U-SA

Fiber Guardian (FG-750)


A Simple tool that will test, monitor and validate your fiber network integrity 24/7

Fiber Guardian accurately detects and locates fiber degradations using leading EDXFO OTDR technology and instantly sends detailed information (type, distance and location of fault) to network managers or network operations centers (NOC).

Fiber Guardian is a fiber network solution for monitoring core, metro, access, C-RAN, dark and live fiber as well as managing transmission integrity and helping to improve your fiber network availability SLAs.

Stand-alone "system in a box"

Fiber Guardian is a stand-alone, self-learning, plug-and-play unit that can be installed anywhere and start monitoring in less than 20 minutes without integration into complex systems.

Scalable and powerful

Fiber Guardian uses internal switches to assess multiple links. The original installation can be designed to monitor a single critical link or extended up to 96 links (in the same box) and distances of over 100 miles. A single unit can monitor every major cable in a city the size of Chicago, including suburban areas.

Fiber Guardian: Stand-alone, rack-mounted, remote OTDR with fault detection and analysis, local storage and basic reporting.

Add Ports on expandable model (FG-750EX) so that you can buy as you grown from a given node.

Add extra Fiber Guardian units to cover wider (new) regions, or go deeper into the network.

Automated mapping option

Fiber Test InSight: Automatic mapping of the fiber fault over the web and on Internet maps. Look it up with Google, and then drive to point of failure. The application can be used with one or multiple Fiber Guardian units.

Alarms and communication

Fiber Guardian can alert you no matter where you are. A message is sent to you only when faults occur, when they are cleared by a user or resolved by the remote test unit.

Fiber Guardian can interface with mobile (SMS) or fixed users (email, desktop agent), fault management systems, physical inventory systems and other equipment, including element management systems (EMS) and network management systems (NMS).

Return on investment: facts and numbers

Fiber monitoring reduces operating expenses by:

  • Continuously monitoring the health of your fiber plant KPIs
  • Detecting fiber degradation before it affects customer service
  • Immediately alerting the network operations center (NOC) or fiber managers to a fiber degradation or outage
  • Pinpointing fiber faults on map, allowing repair crews to intervene rapidly and efficiently

Facts and testimonials

  • "When the NOC called me regarding a possible fiber break, I already had a tech on site starting to repair the cable outage." —Tier 2 multiservice operator (MSO) on detecting a fiber break during a Fiber Guardian trial.
  • "When we arrived at the location shortly after receiving the 'fiber break alarm,' the truck that hit the pole was still on site" —Tier 1 utility with 23 Fiber Guardians monitoring their network, one of which had detected a fiber outage.
  • "We detected a 1.5 km span of old cable getting damaged in very cold temperatures." —Tier 1 operator in Canada whose cable has since been replaced.

Case study

Consider a cable generating $100,000 per hour in revenue by carrying a mixed Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic (10GE and 100GE). A catastrophic break would have the following impact:

  • With a monitoring system, the net outage time would be about 2.5 hours.
  • Without a monitoring system, the net outage time could be 8 hours or more.

This reduction of 5.5 hours in downtime results in a net revenue protection of $550,000. Taking into account penalties and churn, overall savings would be much higher, typically offsetting the entire cost of several Fiber Guardians with a single break.


  • Continuous 24/7 fiber network monitoring
  • Up to 46 dB dynamic range on dark fiber and 43 dB on lit fiber
  • Narrow-band CWDM OTDRs
  • Redundant and hot-swappable power supply modules
  • Scalable from one to 96 ports in 2U height
  • Local storage on solid-state disks
  • IPV4- and IPV6-compliant


EXFO Fiber Guardian Data Sheet

Software Options and Optional Accessories

Part No. Description
NQMS-SERV-STD Connect to NQMSfiber Element Management Server application; Standard Edition
NQMS-SERV-ENT Connect to NQMSfiber Element Management Server application; Enterprise Edition
SW-FTI Fiber Test InSight for Google Maps and Open Street Maps; fault-on-map web-server application software
SW-FTIA Additional Fiber Test InSight for Google Maps & Open Street Maps
OSC-4-SC 1x4 optical switch cassette in SC-APC
OSC-8-LC 1x8 optical switch cassette in LC-APC
OSC-12-MTP 1x12 optical switch cassette in MTP-APC
GP-3059 17-foot wired antenna for wireless interface option
GP-3061 High-reflectance demarcation filter in a SC-APC bulkhead adapter
GP-3062 High-reflectance demarcation filter in a SC-UPC bulkhead adapter
GP-3063 High-reflectance demarcation filter - SC-APC pigtail
GP-3064 High-reflectance demarcation filter - SC-UPC pigtail
GP-3065 Test jumper management tray (attach to unit front)