Cleanblast Solvent 72DA 6-Bottles 8oz


JDSU CleanBlast (TM) Solvent Refill, 6-pack 8oz (225ml) 3M HFE-72DA FCLP-SOL1-6 is a six-pack of 8 oz. (225 ml) bottles of 3M HFE-72DA Novec (TM) solvent. It is the standard solvent shipped with CleanBlast (TM) units and is recommended for use.

To refill the CleanBlast (TM) solvent, consult the user's manual included with your cleaning system. Refilling the solvent tank requires the reusable JDSU FCLP-RCA-1 bottle cap refill assembly.

 JDSU CleanBlast FCLP-SOL1-6 MSDS PDF [40 KB]