High-Performance Cleaver

High-Performance Cleaver for use with single fibers or 2- to 12-fiber ribbons, one-step operation, diamond blade (typically < 1&DEG;)

FBC-012 Corning Cable Systems FBC-012 Mass Fiber Cleaver provides excellent cleaves of one to 12 fibers using a simple one-step operation. The cleaver comes with a universal single-fiber guide that may be used when cleaving single fibers. The guide can be removed to allow the cleaver to hold most common fiber handling adapters of mass fusion splicers or fiber handlers for UniCam Connector installation. The 12-position blade can be easily replaced in the field.


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 95 x 72 x 55 mm (3.7" x 2.8" x 2.2")
  • Bare Fiber Diameter: 125 micrometers nominal
  • Fiber Type: Multimode or single-mode
  • Blade Type: Carbide
  • Blade Life: Approximately 2,000 12-fiber cleaves; 12,000 2-fiber cleaves or 24,000 single-fiber cleaves (field replaceable)