AFL FAST-SC Connector MM 50/125um 6PK

AFL's new FAST Connectors are pre-polished, field installable connectors that eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. FAST Connectors provide an immediate termination to either single-mode or multimode fibers.

FAST Connectors feature a pre-stubbed factory-polished ferrule that couples to the fiber being terminated by precision mechanical alignment and insures low loss with a proprietary gel. Each FAST Connector comes with a factory-installed wedge clip that holds the clamping device open while the fiber is inserted. Once the fiber is in place, the wedge clip is removed and discarded.


- Easy assembly process
- Fiber can be reseated
- No expensive tools required
- No epoxy required
- Factory polishing eliminates loss concerns
- Meets TIA/EIA 568A performance requirements

Installation takes just minutes and couldn't be easier. Strip the buffer, cleave and insert the fiber into the Fast Connector. Release the wedge're done! Gone are the expensive tools, jigs and messy epoxy.


- Premise environments
- Connections at the desk for LAN environments
- Patch panels
- Direct equipment termination
- Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTx) applications
- Repair/replacement requirements

Please take a moment to watch our demo:
 FAST Connectors PDF [134 KB]