ODM Dual Light Source 1310/1550 Laser

The ODM DLS-355 Dual light sources from ODM represent the latest stabilized light sources for accurate loss measurements on either multimode or singlemode systems. No longer is it necessary to carry separate devices for each wavelength of measurement. Significant test time improvements are realized by using these rugged dual wavelength sources. Used in conjunction with the RP 400 series power meters, loss measurements according to EIA/TIA standards are provided. The DLS-355 dual light sources also provide a 2 kHz tone output for fiber identification when used with the RP 400 series power meters. The incoming 2KHz signal is identified and an audible alert is provided by the RP 400 series power meter. The 2KHz tone provided by the DLS 355 may also be used with non invasive fiber identifier devices such as the LFI 110 Live Fiber Identifier from ODM. Connection to the device under test DUT, is by the male SC connector output allowing for easy cleaning of the connector surface. Please contact ODM for hybrid adapters to accommodate different connector styles. These dual sources are provided with a long lasting battery or may be factory configured for optional AC operation.

 ODM 300 Series Dual Light Source Data Sheet PDF [196KB]