Epoxy - Tra-Con Clear

Epoxy - Tra-Con Blue Dye

The item is packaged in a 2 gram rigid plastic tube separated by a leak-proof clamp (BIPAX). Remove the clamp and mix right inside the BIPAX. This eliminates mix ratio errors with pre-measured resin and catalyst components.This package will prepare approximately 25~30 connectors.

High Tg and Room Temperature Curing Fiber Optic Epoxy Adhesive. TRA-BOND F113SC is a room temperature curing, high Tg and low viscosity adhesive formulated for terminating ALL TYPES of fiber optic connectors. It has also been used for bonding LED displays, lenses and other optical components. TRA-BOND F113SC provides both high bond strength as well as low stress connections with no pistoning. This two part system can be cured overnight at room temperature or as quickly as 15 minutes at 90°C and is provided in a dark blue color to allow for easy polishing.

Product Specification :

Feature Description
Color Resin Clear,  Hardener Dark Blue, Mixed Dark Blue
Specific gravity, mixed 1.1
Index of refraction 1.52
Viscosity, mixed ((after mixing) @ 25°C) 1800
Thixotropic index 1
Operating temperature range, °C -60/120
Hardness, Shore D 83
Mix ratio, pbw, Resin/Hardener 100/30
Lap shear, alum to alum, 1 hour @ 65°C 3900
Lap shear, alum to alum, 24 hours at 25°C 2700
Water absorption, after 24 hours 0.98%
VOC 1.91 grams/l
Coefficient of expansion, cm/cm/°C (above Tg) 0.000191
Coefficient of expansion, cm/cm/°C (below Tg) 0.0000757