Variable FC Attenuator Connector

Variable FC Attenuator Connector (Range 0dB to 28dB)

This Variable Attenuator Connector (VAC) utilizes air gap technology to create attenuation. This part combines the functions of a connector with a variable attenuator. Available as either a component or incorporated into jumper cables. High resolution of 0.1dB is attained by a finely threaded self-locking mechanism. Suitable for both multimode (1300nm) and singlemode (1310nm) use.

Features :

  • <.2dB to 25 dB typ. range (>30dB for APC)
  • Fine resolution
  • Low back reflection, <-60dB, with APC version
  • Field installable
  • Compatible with standard hand and machine polishing equipment
  • Compatible with FC adapters and connectors
  • Pull proof
  • Shock and vibration resistant
    • Materials:
    • Ferrule: Zirconia
    • Boot: Bellcore Approved
    • Other Components: Chromate and gold plated brass

Technical Specifications:

Feature Description
Insertion Loss PC: .15dB to 25dB typ
APC: . 25dB to 30dB typ
Return Loss: APC <-60dB over entire range
Resolution .1 dB or better
Mech. Resolution 0.005"/revolution
Tensile Loading >20lb
Durability 500 cycles
 AT-VA-FAN0NN_Specs [1.19 MB]