3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner (Fitel)

Ultrasonic cleaning has long been the preferred means of cleaning optical fibers for critical application splicing. However, previous ultrasonic technology was designed for cleaning larger objects, and the results were sometimes not optimum for fiber.

The 3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner is a purpose-built ultrasonic fiber cleaner that was designed specifically for fiber splicing applications. Many years of splicing experience went into the functional, ergonomic design that ensures consistent cleaning results and easy fiber loading.

Operation of the 3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner is easy and intuitive. The fiber holder rail can be adapted to many popular fiber holders. To operate, simply lower the fiber holder down the rail and press the start button. Audible and visual indicators indicate when the fiber should be removed.

The intensity of cleaning can be adjusted to optimize results for different fiber types and sizes. Programmable presets can be provided for special applications. An infrared communication port is provided to interface with the 3SAE EndFace Prep Station Series II.

 3SAE UltraSonic Cleaner Specs [697 kb]