2121-SSPTB 21'' Plastic Sno Shoe

The Multilink Plastic Sno-Shoe® has been designed with two purposes in mind. The first is to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use. The second is to act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices. The Multilink Plastic Sno-Shoe® is a durable and cost effective tool for storing fiber optic cable in the air!

• The plastic material design makes the Sno-Shoe® non-conductive.
• Built-in user friendly design features include:
1) Countersunk nut wells for easy one tool installation.
2) The captive design of the Patented Cable Trough™ allows the installer to simply lay the cable in the trough, leaving both hands free to secure the cable unit.
3) The plastic Sno-Shoe® can be stacked in multiple cable configurations to accommodate additional fiber mount tiering.
4) The multiple slots in the Patented Cable Trough™ allow you to secure the cable with either heavy duty tie-wraps or stainless steel straps. These slots also allow you to secure additional cable to the unit in expansion situations without having to remove any of the previously installed cable from the unit and also allows for water and ice drainage.

Why use the Plastic Sno-Shoe®?
• Prevents microbends in fiber optic cable.
• Provides consistency and regularity in fiber optic loops.
• Solution to spacing problems on poles.
• 20 year pro-rated Warranty.