Splice Sleeve, 60mm, Standard (50 Pack)


50 pack of Heat-shrinkable splice protection continues to be the most popular method to protect fusion splices. The sleeve securely protects the fusion splice on either 250 or 900 ìm coated fibers, while offering individual access to each fusion splice. To use, slide the heatshrink sleeve over the fiber and then make the splice. Reposition the heat-shrink sleeve directly over the splice and place it in the heat-shrink oven. After the specified heating time (depending on sleeve type), the splice is secure and ready to be transferred to the splice tray. Corning Cable Systems Heat-shrink Sleeves are compatible with most splice trays offered and are compatible with heat-shrink ovens offered with Corning Cable Systems Fusion Splicers. Corning Cable Systems offers both single-fiber and multi-fiber heat-shrink sleeves.