Fibrlok Cap Lifter

The 3M™ Fibrlok (TM) II 2529 optical fiber splice provides a precise, simple and low cost method of splicing optical fiber. The splice design utilizes an articulated metalic splicing element held inside a molded plastic body and cap to provide a fast, permanent, low-loss splice.

3M Fibrlok is a universal mechanical splice that can be used wherever quick and secure splice connections are required. 3M Fibrlok universal splice consists of a highly resistant plastic base, body, and lid in which a metallic element provides the connection. The metal element surrounds the optical fibres to be connected aligning the fibres precisely and permanently in place.

3M Fibrlok universal splice utilises a single cleave length for both 250 and 900µm coated fibres and has the ability to compensate for variations in fibre outer diameters for improved splicing yield. 3M Fibrlok universal splice can be used with multimode and single-mode fibres with 125µm diameter and coatings of 250 to 900µm.