VIAVI/JDSU OLS-85 Optical light source 1310/1550nm, PC

SmartClass Fiber OLS-85 Optical Light Source


The SmartClass™Â Fiber OLS-85 handheld light source is a professional, versatile, and compact instrument used for fiber-optic network qualification and certification. Its specific wavelength combinations make it optimal for link loss testing and long-haul, metro, and access telecommunication network characterization, as well as data center and local area network testing.


  • Complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time—right the first time
  • Automated pass/fail fiber inspection analysis with the optional P5000i microscope
  • Compact, rugged, weather-proof design


  • Measurement of fiber insertion loss together with a VIAVI optical power meter OLP-3x or OLP-8x
  • Inspection of optical connectors (IBYC)
  • In-service loss test option

Key Features

  • Battery-operated field-portable optical light sources in different versions with multiomode and singlemode wavelengths
  • Interchangeable optical adapters (Senko) for FC, SC, ST and LC optical connectors
  • 3.5-in color touch screen with integrated stylus
  • Individual threshold settings pass/fail analysis
  • Onboard fiber inspection and test results storage with time stamp
  • Data transfer and remote control via USB or Ethernet interface
  • Auto-lambda and multi-lambda test functions in combination with VIAVI optical power meters


SmartClass™ OLS-85 Light Source Data Sheet

SmartClass™ OLS-85 Light Source is available in the following configurations

Part Number Product
2313/01 OLS-85 1310/1550 nm, PC
2313/05 OLS-85 850/1300/1310/1550 nm, PC
2313/06 OLS-85 1310/1490/1550/1625 nm, PC
2313/22 OLS-85 1310/1550/1625 nm, APC
2313/26 OLS-85 1310/1490/1550/1625 nm, APC


SmartClass™ Options and Accessories

Part Number Product
FBP-SD101 P5000i digital analysis microscope with 4 tips
2305/90.02 RBP2 Rechargeable battery pack for SmartClass Fiber; LiON battery 3.7 V/20 W
2305/90.01 PS4 power supply for SmartClass Fiber, 12 V, 2 A
2128/01 UC4 hands-free carrier, for SmartClass Fiber
2128/03 SC22 soft shoulder case, for SmartClass Fiber
2155/00.05 FC-type optical adapter
2155/00.26 SC-type optical adapter
2155/00.32 ST-type optical adapter
K 807 USB cable USB-A to Micro-USB