VIAVI - OLS-6 Pocket LS 1310/1550 FC/PC


The OLS-6 offers high stability and long battery operating time in a rugged, pocket-sized casing for direct use in the field. With these instruments, no measurement errors occur due to different wavelength settings between the source and the receiver. These errors are avoided by automatic wavelength setting in power meters.

The OLS Pocket-Sized Optical Light Sources can be part of a Pocket-Sized Optical Test Kit. The Pocket-Sized Optical Test Kits contain one power meter and one light source as standard. This combination is ideal for power and loss measurement.

  • Ideal for attenuation (loss) measurements.
  • Battery replacement indicator avoids down-time. The instruments function for several weeks without changing batteries or NiCd cells.
  • Fiber identification is simplified by different modulation frequencies.
  • Easy three-button operation lets you concentrate on your work at hand.
  • Lightweight, portable, rugged, and shock-proof design guarantees long life.
  • The OLS-6 is the universal, economical solution with two laser diodes (1310/1550 nm or 1550/1625 nm) on two output ports.
Key Features
  • Modulation for easy fiber recognition.
  • Pocket-sized solutions for multimode and singlemode applications.
  • Auto-lambda mode allows for automatic setting of JDSU power meters to OLS-6 wavelengths.
  • Battery capacity indication (%) is displayed when the OLS-6 is switched on/off as well as an automatic power-down after 20 min to save battery life.