Signamax - 10/100 to 100Base-FX, MM SC

Signamax Connectivity System's Switching Media Converters provide an intelligent solution for long distance connections between legacy 10BaseT networks and the newer 100Base Fast Ethernet networks. These converters are designed to handle a wide variety of fiber optic network applications and eliminate the 412 meter distance limitation when connecting hub-based sub-networks at 100BaseFX. They also extend the maximum singlemode fiber distance, spanning over 46 miles with the 065-1120XLD model.

Built-in 10/100 switch enables the fiber cable connection to operate at 100 Mbps connected to either a 10BaseT or a 100BaseTX network, while remaining completely 100BaseFX standard-compliant. Fiber connection can also operate in full duplex mode whether the RJ-45 port is connected to a full duplex switch or a half duplex hub.

Each Media Converter provides a 10/100BaseT/TX auto-negotiating RJ-45 twisted-pair connector port featuring store-and-forward switching architecture. Built-in switch does the network segmentation to provide the maximum fiber distance. Now with Auto-MDIX capability on the twisted-pair port for more convenient connection.