PRO Wall Mount Enclosure CI 1P 1SH

Code : WM-AAB-0001-BS
Final Price: $59.00
Weight: 2.00 LB
Brands Precision Rated Optics
Manufacturers Precision Rated Optics
Model: WM-AAB-0001-BS
Categories Wall Mount Enclosures - PRO

Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Unit
Compact Indoor
1 Adapter Panel Capacity
12 Single Splice Holder Capacity
Black Steel

Wall Mounted Enclosure line is designed to provide solutions for both the interconnection of patch cabling and a combination of patching and splicing. Wall Mounted enclosure line allows a single termination panel up to 16 termination panels. Wall Mounted Enclosure line is separated into several groups to support the level of termination capacity and feature sets required for your application.

Each enclosure can be ordered fully terminated with cabling or pigtails from the factory, saving valuable installation time and expenses. **Note - Adapters plates not included**