American Polywater Prelube 2000 Gallon

Code : P-128
Final Price: $74.50
Weight: 9.00 LB
Brands American Polywater
Manufacturers American Polywater Corp
Model: P-128
Categories American Polywater Cleaning Products


Polywater Prelube 2000 reduces frictional drag during the blowing of outside plant cable into duct. It increases the length of cable that can be blown in a single shot. Prelube 2000 can also be used to blow in the hollow microtubes intended to hold future microcables (use Prelube 5000 for blowing the microcables themselves). For decades, Prelube 2000 has been proven in the blowing of tens of thousands of kilometers of cable in over 50 countries on a variety of cable blowing machines.

More information: American Polywater Product Guide (pdf)