Light Source - 850/1300nm

Code : MO-SLS-50B
Final Price: $595.00
Brands Mohawk
Model: MO-SLS-50B
Categories Mohawk Fiber Optic Light Sources


The MO-SLS-50 series of stabilized light sources features automatic wavelength signaling, when used with the MO-OPM-50 series optical power meters. The remote light source MO-SLS-50 can send an encrypted signal to an MO-OPM-50 which will automatically identify the wavelength and switch the power meter to the corresponding test mode. The MO-SLS-50 will also send the power parameters of its digital-encrypted signal to an MO-OPM-50 as the reference value for precise link loss measurement even though the two units are far apart. The MO-OPM-50 and MO-SLS-50 are ideal for optical attenuation and loss measurements, continuity verification and fiber link evaluation in various test environments.

 MO-SLS-50 Series Data Sheet [PDF 502KB]