4 Fiber Fan-out Kit (36" tubing)

Code : FOM-BF0436
Final Price: $10.50
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4 Fiber Fan-out Kit (36" tubing)

Fiber Fan-Out Kit is a low-cost termination option for multifiber cables. These kits are designed for both factory and field termination of tight-buffered and loose tube non-armored cables with four to 24 fibers. These kits provide the end-user with a craft-friendly, modular product that enables simple step-by-step assembly for successful installation. Installation of the kits eliminates the need for patch panels at low-cost termination points.

The Fiber fan-out kit terminates and provides pull-out protection for bare fibers (900 μm or 250 μm). Installation of the product is simple. The cable jacket is stripped back and the fibers are threaded into the modular 6-fiber fan-out inserts. These inserts consist of six 1-meter lengths of fan-out tubing secured in a composite assembly. The fan-out tubing provides three layers of protection consisting of a Teflon inner tube (into which the fiber is inserted), an aramid yarn strength member and an outer protective PVC jacket. The fan-out insert then snaps into the main Fiber body. When all the inserts have been loaded, the outer housing is installed to complete the assembly.

Features / Benefits :

  • Low cost
  • Craft-friendly
  • Modular, compact design
  • No special tools or heat shrinks
  • Field or factory termination
  • Cost effective for splicing and terminating hardware
  • Non-metallic/high strength, rugged, composite material