850nm/1300nm 26dB/34dB MM laser module,

Code : E6005A
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Brands Agilent
Manufacturers Agilent
Model: E6005A
Categories Agilent OTDR Modules

E6005A - MM 850/1300nm, 26/34dB Module


  • Fiber Break Locator to quickly find breaks and bends.
  • Locate and characterize splice and connector losses.
  • Multifiber testing for fast high-count cable qualification.
  • Perform power and loss measurement with the built-in light source and the power meter module.
  • Graphical representation of measurement results in event tables, showing loss and reflection, and pass/fail results.
  • Visual Fault Finder to check patch cords for light leakage.
  • Built-in Applications:
  • Automatic Multi Fiber Test
    • Automatic Multi Fiber Test
    • Pass/Fail Test
    • Fiber Break Locator
    • Power Meter / Loss Test mode
    • Visual Fault Finder mode
    • Optical Return Loss
    • End to End Loss
    • Easy OTDR
    • OTDR Training
    • OTDR Assistant
Ships with SC & ST connectors.


Agilent is no longer manufacturing Optical Test Equipment. Please refer to some of the other manufacturers we offer See Available OTDR's for Sale