COYLCC-F006 LCC for Single Fusion Splice

Code : COYLCCF-006
Final Price: $85.00
Weight: 10.00 LB
Brands Coyote
Manufacturers Preformed Line Products
Model: COYLCC-F006
Categories Coyote Splice Enclosures

Coyote® LCC (Low Count Closure)


The COYOTE LCC's (Low Count Closure) compact size, use of the versatile grommet system and internal LITE-GRIP® Splice Platform are designed to make this rugged closure the economical choice for new installations and critical repair situations.  The COYOTE LCC represents the maximum versatility, reliability and technical support you’ve come to expect from PLP.


  • Compact Size - 14" L x 6.5" W x 2.4" D
  • Max Splice Capacity - 24 Single Fusion , 72 Ribbon/Mass Fusion
  • Inline or Butt Splice configurations
  • Designed for aerial, below grade, direct buried or pole/wall mount applications
  • Same craft friendly grommet system as the COYOTE Dome Closures supports a wide range of flat or round cable profiles
  • Flat shape allows for mounting in small areas
  • Utilizes LITE-GRIP Splice Block System, which permits single fusion, mass fusion, mechanical, PLC splitters or a combination of all within one closure
  • Quick, easy installation is ideal for drop repair applications - no special tools required
  • Tested in accordance to TR-NWT-000251 by an independent outside lab
  • Available in flame retardant material
  • Factory installed gasket allows re-entry and re-use



SP-3055 (COYOTE® LCC - Copper Applications)

SP-3070 (COYOTE® LCC - Coaxial Splice Applications)

SP-2981 (COYOTE® Silicone Grommets)

SP-3088 (COYOTE® Silicone Grommets - Spanish)

SP-3084 (COYOTE® Silicone Grommets - Portuguese)

Coyote® LCC (Low Count Closure) are available in the following configurations

Part Number Description
COYLCC-F001 For Single Fusion. Includes: (1) 7-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003676 and (1) 12-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003796
COYLCC-F002 For Single Fusion. Includes: (1) Bobbin Kit, (1) 7-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003676, (1) 12-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003796
COYLCC-F003 For Ribbon. Includes: (2) 2-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003663
COYLCC-F004 For Single Fusion. Includes: (2) 7-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003663
COYLCC-F005 For Single Fusion. Includes: (2) 2-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003663
COYLCC-F006 For Single Fusion. Includes (2) 4-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003664
COYLCC-F007 For Single Fusion. Includes: (1) 1-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003691 and (1) 8-Hole Grommet: Cat. .#8003677
COYLCC-F008 For Single Fusion. Includes: (1) 1-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003691 and (1) 8-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003677
COYLCC-F009 For Single Fusion. Includes (2) 12-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003796
COYLCC-F010 For Single Fusion. Includes: (1) Bobbin Kit, (1) 1-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003691 and (1) 12-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003796

All Fiber Kits Include: (2) Grommets, (3) LITE-GRIP® Splice Blocks, (1) Splice Platform, (1) Dual Strength Member Bracket, (1) L Bracket, Fiber Management Clips and Misc. Hardware

* For the COYOTE LCC Flame Retardent catalog numbers, insert "FR" into the catalog number code. Ex.: COYLCCFR-F001


Coyote® LCC (Low Count Closure) for Copper Closures

Part Number Description
COYLCC-C001 For Copper. Includes: (2) 1-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003691
COYLCC-C002 For Copper. Includes: (2) 1-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003692
COYLCC-C003 For Copper. Includes: (2) 1-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003693
COYLCC-C004 For Copper. Includes: (1) 1-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003693
COYLCC-C005 For Copper. Includes: (2) 4-Hole Grommets: Cat. #8003664

All Copper Kits Include: (2) Grommets, (2) MINI-MORAY™ Shield Connectors and (1) Bonding Strap


Coyote® LCC (Low Count Closure) Accessories

Part Number Description
80808633 Strength Member Bobbin Kit
80809851 Dual Strength Member Bracket Kit
8003843 Strength Member L Bracket Kit
COYDACSPA03 Splice Platform Kit for Single Fusion - includes 3 splice blocks
COYDACSPA04 Splice Platform Kit for Ribbon - includes 3 splice blocks