EXFO Deluxe Cleaning & Inspection kit

Final Price: $3560.00
Brands EXFO
Manufacturers EXFO
Categories EXFO Cleaning and Inspection Kits

2,5mm & 1,25 mm ferules including FC, SC, LC

Kit includes:

FIP-400 Fiber Inspection Probe and Display: - FIP-400-D: Handheld Display w/ 3.5 in. TFT screen - FIP-400-P-DUAL: 200X/400X magnification Video Probe - FIPT-400-FC-SC tip for bulkheads - FIPT-400-LC LC tip for bulkhead adapters - FIPT-400-U25M universal patchcord tip for 2.5 mm ferrules - FIPT-400-U12M universal patchcord tip for 1.25 mm ferrules - 1 x Electro-Wash (R) MX cleaning Pen - 1 x QbE (TM) Dry Fiber Optic Wipes - IBC (TM) Brand Cleaner for 1.25mm connectors - IBC™ Brand Cleaner for 2.5mm connectors - CLETOP (R) Ferrule Cleaning Cassette,Blue Tape Reel (Type B ), Green - Watertight Transit Protector Case's - Weight and dimensions: 10.3-pound, 18.25" x 13.5" x 6.5"