Bulkhead SC 15dB Attenuator 1310nm F/F

Code : AT-FF-CPCP15S3
Final Price: $18.10
Brands FiberOptic.com
Model: AT-FF-CPCP15S3
Categories Bulkhead Attenuators

Bulkhead SC 15dB Attenuator for 1310nm

The AT-FF-CPCP15S3 is a Bulkhead Female to Female SC 15dB Singlemode Attenuator for 1310nm wavelength. Bulkhead attenuators utilize a wavelength sensitive neural density filter, specify for 1310nm or 1550nm operation. The buildout attenuators contain doped fiber suitable for dual wavelength operation. Both styles have fixed attenuation values in standard 5dB increments. Other values available upon request.This filter-type attenuator is available for singlemode SC square connectors. It mounts in place of the standard bulkhead adapter.

A fiber optic attenuator is an optical component that induces a calibrated fixed loss between two connectors, which dampens, or attenuates, the fiber optic signal. Attenuation is achieved through an absorption filter between the end faces of the mating plugs.

Attenuation is required if an optical signal has too much power, exceeding the operating range of the equipment, which causes saturation at the receiver and induces system errors or failures.