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Coyote® Dome Closure Kit with Buffer Tube Organizer


The COYOTE® Dome closures have the versatility and features that make it a perfect choice for fiber-to-the premise networks. Both the 6.5” and 9.5” dome closure designs use PLP’s patented segmented end plate system which allows independent access to each cable port without disruption to surrounding cables.


  • Compact Size - 19" L x 9.5" W
  • Max Splice Capacity - 288 Loose Tube/Buffer; 720 Ribbon/Mass
  • Max Express Capacity - 36 Buffer Tubes; 24 Ribbons
  • Butt/Expressed Splice configuration
  • Designed for aerial, below grade, direct buried or pole/wall mount applications
  • Quick to assemble, no special tools required
  • Tested in accordance to GR-771-CORE by an independent outside lab
  • Available in flame retardant material
  • Collar system allows for quick re-entry
  • Segmented end plate design provides independent access to every cable
  • Flexible grommet sealing technology supports a wide range and quantity of flat or round cable profiles.
  • Standard 6-1/2" (218 mm) Dome Kits provided with (2) 8003701 grommets. Customized kits available upon request.
  • Standard 9-1/2" (292 mm) Dome Kits provided with (2) 8003692 grommets and (2) 8003693 grommets - customized kits available upon request.
  • In-line options available - Contact for details



SP-3138 (COYOTE Dome Closure 9.5" x 19")

SP-3192 COYOTE 9.5" Dome Closure with SFMS (Single Fiber Management System)

SP3425 (COYOTE® Dome 6.5" and 9.5" End Plate Adapter Brackets for FOSC 400 Work Stand

Coyote® Dome Closures are available in the following configurations

Part Number Description
800013691 Dome Closure with Buffer Tube Organizer
800013692 Dome Closure with Unitube/Ribbon Organizer

All 9.5" (292 mm) Dome Kits shown above include: (1) End Plate with Organizer Assembly, (1) Dome, (1) Gasket, (1) Small Parts Bag, (2) 8003692 Grommets, (2) 8003693 Grommets and Cable Restraint Hardware


Coyote® Dome Closure Accessories

Part Number Description
8003681 End Plate Kit for 6.5" Dome Closure
8003839 End Plate Kit for 9.5" Dome Closure
80808651 Long Strength Member Bracket Kit Includes 4 Brackets
80809205 Short Strength Member Bracket Kit Includes 2 Brackets
80811036 6 Port Drop Cable Retention Bobbin Kit
80808878 Large Strength Member Adapter Kit
80807848 End Plate Gasket for 6.5" Dome Closures
80809045 End Plate Gasket for 9.5" Dome Closures
80808456 End Plate Assembly Fixture for 6.5" or 9.5" Dome Closures
80811037 4 Port Cable Retention Bobbin Pin