Strand Puller B 8264

Code : 68490
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Brands General Machine Products
Model: 68490
Categories GMP Aerial Tools


These forged steel units are used when pulling or tensioning suspension strand. The KleinTools® L, H, and B Strand Pullers feature a fixed and movable jaw linked to a clevis. Applying pull to the clevis causes the jaw in turn to grip the strand.

The Type B Strand Puller (P/N 68490) is designed for tensioning figure-8 cable on 1/4 in. (6-7mm) poly jacketed strand, and designed for pulling loads up to 5000 lbs. (2268kg)

• Works on strand from .20 to .37" (5 - 9.4mm)
• Serpentine grooves grip insulation on strand, preventing slippage.
• A safety chain permanently secured to a shackle acts as a safety tether in the event the grip disengages

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - See for more information.