3M 120V Hotmelt Term. Kit

Code : 6366
Final Price: $2290.00
Weight: 13.00 LB
Brands 3M
Manufacturers 3M
Categories 3M Tool Kits

The 3M(TM) Hot Melt Termination Kits 6366 (120V oven) and 6362 (230V oven) contain all materials necessary to terminate 3M SC, ST, and FC hot melt connectors, both singlemode and multimode. An LC expansion kit (6650-LC) makes it easy to incorporate the LC hot melt process into one kit.

    3M Hot Melt Kit:
  • 120v Oven
  • Universal connector holders
  • round polishing pad
  • soft polishing pad
  • 2um lapping film
  • 1.5um diamond lapping film
  • 0.5um final lapping film
  • 0.05 lapping film
  • polishing jig
  • jacket stripper
  • Kelvar snips
  • stripping tool
  • crimp tool
  • fiber scribe
  • view scope (200x)
  • pronto adhesive
  • lint-free cloths
  • alcohol bottle
  • watter bottle
  • fiber scrap can
  • roll-up pouch
  • fiber marking pen
  • training CD
  • and paper instructions.