Cletop Sticks 2.5mm 200 Pack

Code : 14100400
Final Price: $285.00
Weight: 1.00 LB
Manufacturers CLETOP
Model: 8500-10-0024MZ
Categories Cletop Brand Cleaning Products


Cletop Sticks 2.5mm 200 Pack

The Cletop Stick is used to clean hard to reach areas such as inside connector adapters, and test equipment. The Cletop Stick provides thorough cleaning of the ferrule endface by using a dry alochol free cloth tip.



  • Easy to use and efficient. Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance.
  • Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fiber-optic connectors and various adaptors.
  • Lightweight and safe to use. Compact and disposable.
  • Suitable for cleaning inside adaptors due to dust control.
Knowledgebase: CLETOP stick-type cleaners use the same 2 micron cloth as the cassettes and are used to clean inside connector adaptors or other hard to reach spots. This is a 200 pack of cleaners for 2.5mm ferrules. Each stick can be used to clean up to four end-faces.